This use case applies DeepX platform in combination with specifically trained machine learning models, mathematical and statistical filters to provide retail owners with valuable insights on attendance, traffic and behaviour of customers.


  • people counting – count the number of people entering and exiting premises / venues / events
  • demographics analytics – provide insights into customers demography to provide you with insights on who your customer base is, including clustering and breaking down customers by demographic or by their attention to specific areas and goods
  • time of the day / attendance analytics – provides insights into how shop / venue are being visited throughout opening hours, peak times etc
  • hot spots / merchandising analytics: detect most popular / best selling hot spots of your premises
  • empty shelves alert – inform the staff when certain goods run out and need to be topped up on the shelves
  • anti-theft features – detect goods carried away without payment, detect suspicious behaviour, detect items being concealed
  • adaptive advertising and up-sell – based on detected customer demography and likely buying habits, automatically enable visual and audio guides to help them locate goods they are likely looking for; prompt cashier which goods the customer is likely to buy in addition to their purchase.