A product + professional services package that combines a number of DeepX platform features based on AI and Computer Vision technologies along with custom surveillance hardware and individual customization services package aiming to provide VIP individuals and businesses with additional level of security.

Vehicle solution – DeepX powered dash cam solution ensuring 24/7 CCTV monitoring of your vehicles, detecting any threats, alarming suspicious behaviour, detecting if your car is being followed or watched by same vehicles or persons etc.

Premises solution – DeepX powered CCTV camera and/or integration with existing surveillance solution ensuring all valuable data on potential threats is taken into account and communicated to owners / security officers as soon as detected.


  • number plate detection – detect number plates and vehicles that appear too often next to your properties or around your vehicles
  • clever filtering – it is easy to tell the system to stop family members, employees, your cars
  • powerful false positive and animals filtering – system will ignore domestic animals and other non important signals ensuring you are not distracted with false positive detections and your attention is driven to important detections only
  • integration with existing CCTV and security systems – we set up the system individually to integrate and consume in real time all available data from all of your security systems. This is not just another security system, it is a virtual AI security officer taking into account all of your date
  • custom machine learning training – the Computer Vision and Machine Learning models (artificial neural networks) will be trained to work specifically with your environment, increasing the efficiency of your security and reducing the error rates of false positive and false negative detections.