Innovative AI Camera Box For Large And Small Businesses

Provisioning high quality Computer Vision and Machine Learning services is the main priority here at DeepX. We’re constantly expanding the arsenal of tools for providing the cutting edge artificial intelligence hardware and software infrastructure. Our clients always expect to have properly working software that enhances their business operations. However, not all hardware solutions can cope with a wide range of tasks related to monitoring, tracking and detecting objects and actions. The need for an innovative AI camera solution has been discovered.

Taking into consideration this problem, starting from Q3 2020 our team began working on development of a hardware solution, which will be fully compatible with our software and will increase the level of its effectiveness. Recently we came up with a complete, complex and unique AI camera solution composed of Pelican case, hardware and software. Let’s dive deeper into the list of benefits and advantages of the solution.

The main value of the solution

The proposed AI camera box gives our clients the opportunity to benefit from the full scope of Computer Vision monitoring and Machine Learning processing advantages. Sometimes users may face a problem when CV software is hardly compatible with hardware (especially with some cameras). Our solution includes both high-quality software and hardware, which makes real-time monitoring of critical events easier and more comfortable.

Innovative AI camera box solution for large and small business needs

The key benefits of AI camera box

  1. It’s handy. You’ll hardly find any CCTV or other camera-based solution able to function in field conditions out of the box and without additional efforts. All of them require additional installation and maintenance steps to work in real-life conditions. Camera box is a handy solution, which is easy to handle and adjust for business purposes in any conditions and industries. In addition to all mentioned above, it can also boast being waterproof and dustproof.
AI Camera Box by DeepX
  1. Generic camera solutions need to have 24/7 access to power supply. Our AI Camera box can be used without the need to recharge for a long period of time (it has up to 10 hours of battery life!). Moreover, it’s possible to customize the battery and charging board options, depending on the client’s needs, in case there is a necessity to extend the duration of working without a need to recharge.
  1. In real-life conditions there is always a risk that Wi-Fi internet connection might be down. AI Camera box solves this issue, supporting both Wi-Fi and 4G connection. They can be interchangeable in situations when one of them is down.
    1. Mobile connectivity provided by SIM7600E 2G/3G/4G modem
    2. Wi-Fi connectivity provided by TL-WN722N
    3. Ethernet connection (optional, mainly for maintenance)
Multiple communication options for AI Camera Box solution
  1. AI Camera box is equipped with a powerful processing unit and 2 high quality cameras
    1. Nvidia Jetson Nano with CUDA processing unit onboard, which enables Computer Vision edge computing.
    2. Two cameras on board open possibilities for stereo image capturing and processing, which can be used for tasks like 3D scene reconstruction, point cloud etc.
Computer vision edge computing capabilities of AI Camera Box by DeepX
  1. AI Camera boxes are managed remotely with Reverse SSH Tunnel which is configured to connect to a gateway via ethernet, Wi-FI or mobile network, depending on the available Internet connection. Other possibilities to perform maintenance are also possible

How Camera box can improve the quality of operational processes

Answering the question “where can AI camera box be used?” is challenging since it can be used in almost all industries and spheres of business. Here are the most notable examples of possible usage of camera box:

  • PPE real time detection. Currently, the necessity of wearing PPE has become an obligation of not only specific industries workers. Nowadays, each person under certain conditions has to wear a minimal PPE, such as a mask or gloves. The use of AI camera box can help to decrease the level of decease spread danger;
  • Safety operations monitoring. In high-risk facilities, it is crucial to detect and track the compliance of safety rules by both employers and workers, which may decrease the level of industrial injuries;
  • Security system improvements. As it is with some other systems, being powered by CV and ML modules, the AI camera box can recognize faces, restricted areas penetration etc. It can become a handy assistant, staying on guard of both industrial and home security;
  • Anomaly detection. There are plenty of anomalies, which can be detected by camera box: industrial (destructions, leakages, products quality control, etc.), weather, behavioral anomalies etc. Timely recognition of anomalies prevents industrial injuries, business operations losses and harm to health.

We strongly believe that our AI camera box is a perfect solution for provisioning the next level of 24/7 real time monitoring in varying environmental conditions. If you have any questions or are willing to add complex hardware/software AI innovations into your existing or upcoming projects, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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