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DeepX offers a suite of off-the-shelf products complimenting our Machine Learning and Computer Vision software development services.

These solutions allow you to save months and sometimes years in development and implementation time, ensuring competitive advantage and unlocking new possibilities in your business.

DeepXTM Pipeline – a robust and high-load Machine Learning and Computer Vision infrastructure orchestrating complex ML pipelines enabling us to process multiple imaging/video sources in real time and with high FPS.

DeepXTM Active Dashboard – a cross-platform web application providing the human operator with situational awareness, featuring automated signal importance triage, automated camera/scene switching and zooming, automated false positive and false negative detection inference and many other features enabling your team to stay informed and in control.

DeepXTM Tap – a cross-platform mobile application, enabling the functionality of DeepX Active Dashboard in your pocket and at your fingertips. Additionally, DeepX Tap features (1) seamless video streaming from iOS and Android smartphones using WebRTC technology; (2) push notifications; (3) real-time feedback alerts, all these ensuring you have a constant information flow between your HQ and your field operations, supporting best possible efficiency of your business processes and safety of your personnel.

DeepXTM Smart Player – our state-of-the-art HTML5 / React.js web application tightly integrated with our Pipeline and Active Dashboard solution. Featuring: smart video search & indexing – Computer Vision technology reviews terabytes of your video archives, tags and cross-references them so you can always find the footage you are looking for without having to spend hundreds of hours in processing; smart timeline – system highlights important objects and scenes in the video player timeline with colour coding and hints saving your time in reviewing the footage.

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