Smart home security and comfort

3 Ways To Improve Smart Home Security And Comfort With AI

We used to think that computer vision is commonly used for business purposes. However, it may also be applicable for smart home security and comfort in the daily routine of ordinary people. The smart home phenomenon is not new on the market, but how many smart homes are able to provide the advantages of CV technology? We would like to get you acquainted with the benefits of CV for your personal safety and comfort. 

1. People and objects detection in smart home security

Recognition of loved ones 

AI tools for smart home recognizing people

Most smart home systems provide opportunities for recognition of house owners. For example, the same people are coming to your house from time to time. After a certain period of time the system will propose to you to make a list of such people and notify you with a special voice assistant that your friend is at the door even if they do not knock the door, or you did not have a look at the house intercom. 

Recognition of unknown and suspicious people

Smart home security system detecting a break in of unknown person

After the list of known people is ready, your AI-powered custom home security camera system will detect unknown or suspicious ones. The system will send either an alert to a mobile app or give you a notification with the help of a voice assistant. This function will help to increase the level of personal security and prevent break-ins. Moreover, the system might also automatically send an alert to police, for example, if the house owner is far away and the house has the alarm turned on. This case can also be augmented by installing security cameras outside home and adding them to the system.

Help in finding lost objects

AI tools for smart home finding objects

We bet that each person at least once in their life pronounced a phrase: “If only I could call my hairbrush or keys” when it’s almost impossible to find them, even though they are lying in plain sight. Implementation of smart home ideas using cool smart home devices like a previously mentioned security camera plus AI processing can be successfully used to recognize and label all objects at your house and help you find them when necessary. 

List of cars on parking lot

You’ve probably heard about home security cameras that can read license plates. Apart from regular domestic objects, you can create and add to the AI system the list of cars, which are allowed to park at your parking lot. The list may include cars of family members and friends. Once the list is composed, the CV model will further detect number plates and give the user an alert when any car out of the list is trying to use the house’s parking lot. 

2. Emotions and violent, abnormal behavior recognition

Emotions recognition

In addition to the recognition of loved ones, CV can also detect people’s emotions. Such features can help to prevent unlawful break-ins when a smart system house detects the owner. In addition to detecting the person that is allowed to come inside, the smart home security camera system is also able to detect the emotional state to get the evidence that the person is threatened and forced to open the door. In this case the system can automatically send an alert message to police and/or anyone from the contact list marked as an emergency contact. 

Violent behavior recognition

Smart home security system using gestures and mood recognition to detect dangerous situation

Lately the focus of society has been leaning more and more towards the vital issue of domestic violence. Unfortunately, sometimes domestic violence victims do not understand that they are under abuse. Some visual patterns of violence are easy to detect (such as clenched fists, clenched or moving jaws, rapid arms movement, lifting hands against someone with the intention of beating etc.). Besides that, violent behavior can be exposed by detecting loud conversation with a specific intonation. Added to the main CV functionality, voice recognition can give more precise results for detecting domestic violence characteristics. 

When the violence patterns are detected, the smart home security camera system can primarily give a warning that actions seem inappropriate. When they continue to be performed, the system sends an alert message to police and/or ambulance (if actions could be threatening the health of anyone).

Abnormal behavior recognition

By abnormal behavior we usually mean the situation, when a person’s actions do not correlate with one’s normal state. For instance: unexpected fall to the floor, epileptic attack, panic attack, hysteria. Also, abnormal behavior can be evidenced by throwing and breaking things, shouting, crying, etc. Depending on the seriousness and criticality of the abnormality, the smart home system will either send an alert to emergency services or firstly ask if everything is alright. Then, in case of necessity, it will send a notification to the loved ones or to an emergency contact from the list. 

Smart home security in detecting abnormal behaviour

3. House comfort with AI-powered smart home system

Not only Computer Vision at smart houses can enhance security, but also may make the life of smart home habitants more comfortable and easier to handle with everyday activities.

Everyday rituals

With the help of Computer Vision, all home devices can be adjusted up to the specific user. For example, Jessica comes into the kitchen in the morning and the system asks her “Would you like some coffee?” or “Shall I turn on your favorite radio station?” and then the coffee machine automatically will make a delicious coffee and the music center will be switched on. The same algorithms could be implemented in other everyday rituals. We can take the system even further by making it learn the behavioural patterns of each person over time and adapt accordingly.

Mood recognition 

Combined with emotions recognition technology, the smart home can define the current mood of its habitants and propose to pick up or maintain the current mood by special lightning or music, for instance. Actions to be performed will depend on each separate person or family. It is also possible to adjust the smart home settings up to the family needs. It may also differ depending on the type of family (newly weds, loners, family with a kid, homosexual couple, etc.).

As you can see, Computer Vision is not only about business. It can also provide the high quality of comfort and security for average people. Get in touch with our specialists to learn more about the advanced opportunities DeepX may offer for smart housing and let innovations become your loyal friend.

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