Emotions recognition with computer vision

DeepX: Emotions Detection Technology Review

At DeepX during the development of new hi-tech products for businesses needs, we also want to help businesses understand their customers better. Correct human emotions recognition helps to better understand their needs and can become a source of new ideas for unique products development.

What distinguishes people from other forms of life? Emotions! We often hear such phrases as “he is like an open book” or “it was hard to understand her because of that poker face which she had”. And emotions are the keys to understanding people better. Moreover, when we detect and read somebody’s emotion, it’s much easier to understand the person’s feedback. 

One of the technologies which help to determine one’s emotional reaction is emotions detection (recognition).  The technology combines Computer Vision (CV) model and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Emotions Detection Technology Scheme

CV model catches a person’s face and places markers on it. These markers distinguish the position of eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, cheeks, etc. Then obtained data transfers to ML algorithms, which compare received data with already existing data of possible markers in the dataset. Further algorithms make research on what emotions such markers may represent and make their classification. After classification, the model provides the list of possible emotions and analyzes the percentage of each emotion. In conclusion, the system shows the user the result of what emotions have been detected.

As you can see on the video, not only the model detects emotions, but also provides the graphics of their changes. At the end of communication between parties, the system can also show the statistical data on what emotions each person expressed and which of them prevailed.

How emotions detection can be used?

Emotion detection technology aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect emotions from facial expressions. Emotion detection technology, like other types of facial recognition, solves challenges in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare and banking systems.

Emotions detection as a feedback gathering tool

DeepX: Emotions Detection Technology Demo

Usually, people do not have enough time and desire to fill in special forms in order to qualify for provided services. It’s time-consuming and boring. If a customer’s emotions are caught during communication with a specialist it’s easy to make a conclusion whether the customer was satisfied or not. 

Industries for feedback gathering-oriented emotions detection: any client-oriented companies (banks, hospitals, beauty industry, shops, delivery, etc.)

Emotions detection for security improvements

Not only emotions detection may be used for getting feedback, but also to detect strange or even dangerous behavior (along with an objects detection model). For example, when someone at the airport behaves neurotically while answering questions at the control or persons` emotions says that some unlawful acts might be performed, etc.

Industries for security-oriented emotions detection: transportation and logistics, high-level security facilities 

Emotions detection for mental health tracking

The recent issue of mental health has a top interest amongst different spheres of life. Lots of big corporations nowadays are trying to ensure the normal level of mental health of their employees, since due to mental breakdowns and burning outs employees’ effectiveness decreases, which leads to material losses for employers. That’s why it’s very important to detect the problem in the early stages and to prevent further mental breakdowns of employees.

Where security-oriented emotions detection can be implemented: any corporation, which wishes to monitor employees’ happiness and productivity.


To sum up, emotion detection can resolve different issues related to humans’ behavior in various spheres of business. In fact, emotions detection may be used in any industry or sphere of business, where a person’s input is of high importance.

Our team is ready to propose a unique, innovative, and horizontally scalable system based on specific company needs, regardless of the sphere of business.

If you are looking forward to implementing an AI-based video intelligence solution for your business, get a free quote from computer vision experts.

At DeepX, we synergize our multi-year expertise to dive deep into each business’ specifics and achieve measurable business benefits. With our continuous research and a history of successful computer vision software development projects, we offer highly specialized expertise in some of the most challenging fields of computer vision.

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