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AI-powered tools for security monitoring

Real time security monitoring can be a challenging task if you have lots of camera sources or need 24/7 monitoring of some critical parameters. The more cameras, the more human operators, right? We’ve got an alternative solution for that!

Our solution for AI-powered monitoring includes several useful tools, enabling the next level of real time monitoring experience. Those tools are metadata tracker, events log and communication chat. They’re all included in one place called dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at how this works and what benefits the automated 24/7 cctv monitoring solution can bring for your business.

The potential of AI-powered security monitoring

There are cases where mere visual inspection by human operators is not enough. That’s why the demand for AI security camera solutions is growing. Camera feed analysis with CV/ML models includes, but is not limited to, the following benefits for your business:

– Simultaneous analysis of multiple sources

– Ability to operate with stable precision 24/7

– Sophisticated analysis of video feed, which would be impossible to achieve manually

– Cost effectiveness, scalability

– Automatic triage of AI-produced data

This gives any business great potential for optimizing the use of resources, predictability and reliability of monitoring results.

Having a large amount of video sources doesn’t mean your company needs a lot of operators. The AI-powered triage system can automatically shift focus to the most important events and cameras. This gives the ability to react to events immediately and not miss anything important (AI and intelligent automation).

Critical data event monitoring

In terms of user interface, human personnel has the access to a powerful and convenient monitoring tool called dashboard. It has several useful features for critical data event monitoring generated by AI processing.

When the stream is being processed with CV/ML models on backend, the operators not only have the ability to see processed videos with highlights in real time.

AI-powered dashboard for security monitoring

They’re also able to track critical data and important parameters being transferred from custom CV/ML models to frontend in real time. 

To check the metadata for a specific camera, the operator can click a corresponding tracker button and see it overlayed on top of processed camera feed:

AI-generated metadata for security monitoring (data event monitoring)

To get an overview of AI-spotted events from all the cameras included in a dashboard, the operator can access dashboard logs:

Dashboard real time communication

Having several people involved in the monitoring process inevitably brings the need to have a real time communication tool at operator’s disposal. Dashboards include XMPP chats for this purpose:

Chats for real time communication inside dashboards

Dashboard chats allow operators or managers to select a camera under consideration and drop a specific comment on an event happening or critical data being transferred from the AI module. This allows to manually turn operators attention to a necessary place and react accordingly

AI security monitoring under the hood

Let’s take a look at how things work on the backend part.

Security monitoring solution architecture

Camera sources added to a dashboard are ingested by CV/ML models for processing. The models generate processed video feed and high level data for operator and automatic triage system. 

Video feed is being transferred to the dashboard with the help of WebRTC technology, which allows for high performance, bandwidth management, low latency, high reliability and quality.

Metadata is written into corresponding topics in the Kafka cluster from CV/ML model with Kafka producer. Another service made for metadata transferring to frontend constantly monitors Kafka topics for metadata, consumes and passes the data with Websockets to dashboard trackers and event logs. This gives us the lowest latency possible, as well as high reliability and scalability.

Dashboard chats are built around highly secure, reliable and flexible XMPP protocol.

Business process automation and optimization

To summarize, let’s see what features of AI-powered monitoring can help to optimize and automate business processes in your company:

– Convenient and reliable tools for real time 24/7 CCTV monitoring

– CV/ML models specifically tailored up to your business needs

– AI processing pipeline outperforming human operators

– Stable 24/7 monitoring and AI-driven situational awareness

– Scalability and cost effectiveness of the system

– Powerful monitoring and real time communication tools for operators

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