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APNR (number plate detection) monitoring system

APNR monitoring capability (DeepXHub software and camera boxes)

In this video the automatic number plate detection (APNR) capability is demonstrated.

DeepXHub platform is capable of monitoring multiple input sources (CCTV cameras, DeepX Box etc) and detect vehicles number plates in real time.

APNR detection alerts (SMS, mobile app push etc)

As part of the standard DeepXHub functionality, the system can be configured to automatically send alerts and notifications via e-mail, SMS, push notification, phone call etc.

APNR / vehicle ML detection triggers

The following alert triggers are possible: (a) new detection; (b) detection of a specific number plate from ‘alert list’; (c) detection of any number plate more than once.

Additionally, detection of vehicles based on their make, shape, colour and other characteristics is also possible including drivers face recognition where visible.

APNR number plate detection: standard web interface view
APNR number plate detection: maximized view

Edge (decentralized) APNR detection

DeepXHub and DeepX Box products also support decentralized APNR detection. This means the solution can work autonomously without reliance on any central server for its machine learning processing or alerting capabilities. Mesh networking option is also available where multiple DeepX Boxes synchronize information between them.

Collaboration and ACL features for surveillance / policing team

As part of standard DeepXHub functionalities, flexible ACL (access level) settings are available to ensure that surveillance team only has access to the detections and streams they are assigned to.

Additionally, chat/messaging and push notifications interfaces are integrated in the web and mobile versions of the DeepXHub product to support seamless collaboration and coordination across task force teams.

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