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Enterprise clients FAQ: Cloud Vs Dedicated, branding and networking features of DeepXHub

Q: Can I get a dedicated server of DeepXHub for higher performance / better data security / custom URL branding?
A: Your data is secure with the standard multi-tenancy option via DeepXHub cloud.
Cloud option also includes basic branding features, for example you can upload the logo to be displayed in the web interface dashboards and even provide different logos for different projects or teams.
Many of our clients do prefer to use our Dedicated infrastructure option however. In this case you get the servers capacity 100% dedicated to your workloads as well as a peace of mind of your data being physically hosted individually. Additional benefits include better flexibility in infrastructure configuration and maintenance, your own custom URL for web interfaces and API endpoints, custom backup and data retention policies.

Q: Can DeepXHub be installed on premise?
A: Yes, on premise option is fully supported by DeepXHub. They deployment can be carried out by our engineers remotely via SSH, on site, alternatively there is an option where your engineers roll out the system using the packages and documentation that we provide. Debian-based Linux OS and NVidia GPU hardware are recommended for a successful installation. There is also an option of using a hardware solution DeepX Box for your on-premise deployment.

Q: Do you offer support and SLA for dedicated and on premise configurations?
A: Yes, as long as our SiteOps team has SSH access and our uptime monitoring traffic is allowed, we are happy to offer our standard SLA packages to such clients?

Q: We have strict security perimeter rules. Can DeepXHub run locally withing our security perimeter without the external internet access?
A: Yes, you can enter into a perpetual license contract and obtain packages and documentation for your local deployment, as long as you are comfortable with your technical ops team ability to support and maintain the system. You will not automatically get updated version of the system in such case and you will not be able to use the standard SLA options from DeepX but you can enter into separate contracts with us, for example, in order to service, restore or upgrade the system on site if/when such need occurs.

Q: Any specific network / LAN configuration requirements for on premise deployment of DeepX Hub? Can it work without any external link?
A: DeepXHub is able to work in most popular network topologies, either over internet or in an isolated private network inside a secure perimeter. Moreover, the DeepX Box solution offers mesh networking capability which allows to unite multiple boxes automatically into a p2p mesh network without any additional equipment needed.

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