Computer Vision Number Plate Detection

This capability is offered as part of DeepX platform, as part of customized VIP AI-powered security solution and/or as part of separate implementations where relevant.

System detects and stores number plates in vicinity of your property and/or your vehicles.

Number plates detected along with any other relevant information (such as date and time, make and colour of vehicles, length of detection, behaviour, direction etc) are automatically converted into a text-based log of events.

The “AI agents” process all detections in real-time from all available camera streams, feeding the results into the central triage server. The decision support system analyzes the feed data in real time using statistical and machine learning methods combined with a rule based supervision logic.

All important findings are immediately communicated to the system owner or responsible staff member. Such findings could include for example:

  • detection of number plate or vehicle that is on a “watch list”
  • multiple detections of the same number plate / vehicle that does not belong to family or employees list
  • detections combined with abnormal activity such as unusual timing, frequency, length etc. Can be combined with other DeepX detection modules (such as head pose estimation and eye tracking), for example, to alert possible criminal surveillance / scouting etc.

All important detections are immediately communicated to system’s contact group which may include house / business owner, security officer, members of the family etc.

System supports alert and analytical notifications via: SMS, phone call, push notifications, e-mail, web interface and on-screen DeepX dashboard interface

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